Welcome to Gap Concept. Our name is quite odd, we are aware of it, the purpose of this about page is to explain why we chose the name “Gap Concept”, and we’ll also list some of our goals in establishing this website. Before that, we would like to thank you for your time in reading our About Page. We’ll make sure to make it short and sweet.

The name Gap Concept is a way to introduce young people and creative designers and developers into the “gap” that our web faces today. Because of the advent of many different multimedia devices that can access the internet, a gap was introduced where a certain web page can’t be viewed at a certain device. That’s a very annoying and irritating gap, not only for the end-users but also for us, webmasters/owners, as we will lose potential visitor that will fulfill whatever goal we have in our website.

Now, the purpose of Gap Concept is to help our young learners, developers and designers to create a powerful and excellent websites which can be accessible to any kind of device, no matter the browser, screen size and orientation it have. That’s a term that is commonly referred to as responsive web design.

Moreover, we will also tackle different software that can be very useful for web designers and developers as well as the best practices to maintain our skills. Gap Concept aims to provide you the knowledge to bridge the gap between different multimedia devices all over the world.